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Do you have new idea for streamlining your business' customer support process? A phone-based order tracking system? Or maybe a dealer locator service based on the caller's area code? Safi Systems provides you with powerful graphical tools that empower your creative side and make the creation of complex applications and external system integrations simple and even fun! The Safi Communication Suite (SCS) is a powerful multi-platform IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call-flow, and scripting environment. Currently open-source PBXs Asterisk ( ) and FreeSWITCH ( ) are supported while others will be supported in the future.

SafiWorkshop is the intuitive and highly-visual IDE (Integrated Development Environment) component of the suite. SafiWorkshop also includes a prompt recorder/importer for managing IVR prompts in virtually every common audio format and a fully featured SQL query editor. With SafiWorkshop users design, test, debug and deploy advanced logic and call routing applications from a single, unified development environment. Users have developed and deployed a number of powerful telephony applications including call center IVR's, dealer locators, auto-attendants, prescription refills, order entry, Web Service-based reservation systems, and more.
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