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With SafiServerCE coming out of beta, it now has a port limit of limitation of 5 concurrently active ports. If you require more than 5 ports, please consider using SafiServerPro (our licensed version of SafiServer). SafiServerPro comes with all the features of CE, but also has email, file i/o, and scheduling tools built in.

Click here for more information about the differences between SafiServerCE and SafiServerPro

Download SafiWorkshopCE

Download SafiServerCE

Operating System:
File: SafiServerCEInstall-
Size: 78.92 MB
Date: 09/28/2011

Download SafiServer FreePBX Module

Operating System:
File: saflets-1.3.9.tar.gz
Size: 442.08 KB
Date: 07/06/2011

Download Custom Initiator Client

Operating System:
File: custominitiator/
Size: 0.00 B
Date: 01/18/2011

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